Whirlpool Water Cooler Reviews

Whirlpool Water Cooler Reviews

Whirlpool Water Cooler: QUICK OVERVIEW


Easy to Use



What We Like

  • Stainless Steel Front
  • Curved Front
  • Stainless steel body
  • Solid Steel Frame
  • 5th generation cooling technology
  • Toddler resistant Hot Button
  • Commercial grade Motor
  • Commercial grade Compressor and Thermostat
  • Energy Efficient
  • Resource saves Tm Switch
  • Patent water heating technology
  • Adjustable water Probe

What We Don't Like

  • Water pipe cannot Handle Bubble
  • High Maintenance cost
  • Regular Service Required
  • Expensive Parts
  • No color options

Whirlpool is a US-based manufacturer. The 100-year-old company is a market leader in home and commercial appliances. With more than 500 products lined up, their experience, advanced technology and keeping customer requirements in mind, the company has developed a new Water Cooler – Whirlpool Bottom loading Commercial water cooler. The curve shaped water cooler has good whirlpool water cooler reviews and has a stainless-steel front, making it look beautiful and elegant. With commercial grade standard, in a fraction of time the water cooler can dispense very Hot/Cold water. Designed with a different technology in which the ice forms inside the water tank, the water can cool the water up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the other brand water coolers struggle to cool till 50 degrees Fahrenheit. With the patented technology used for heating water, one can enjoy a well-brewed cup of hot tea. To reduce water wastage and use the maximum water in the bottle, the cooler has a 5th generation bottom loading technology. A commercial massive duty water pump sucks water powerfully. The power of the pump used is only the fraction of its capacity which increases the life of the motor pump. The beautiful looking water cooler is solid as the frame is made using solid steel which can take the pressure of hundreds of pounds. With commercial grade thermostat and compressor, during regular use, the faucets are engineered to be unbreakable. Toddler resistant hot button makes it safe for children. To save electricity and make the product energy efficient, a switch is given at the back so when not in use, the hot water can be switched off. The flexible water probe is compatible with all sizes of bottles.

Beautifully looking Whirlpool Bottom loading Commercial water cooler has a curved body with stainless steel front. It has dimensions of 15 x 12.6 x 40.5 inches and weighs around 45 pounds to make it secure the frame made using solid steel, which takes up – to 300 lbs of weight. With bottom loading technology and flexible water probe, it can accommodate any size of the water bottle. Every button has the purpose mentioned on a side- like a resource saver switch on the back side can turn off the hot water when not required.

Who is this Product for?

Explain who is the ideal customer for this product. The kind of person that’s going to find the right solution for a specific need. Also, explain who isn’t this product for. Is it very expensive? Is it extremely hard to use (i.e. not for beginners)? This is the kind of questions you answer here

What’s Included?

It is for everyone who wishes to have cold water in 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature during summers or a quick hot cup of water or hot water for a well-brewed tea. The cooler can be used at home and is very suitable for commercial places as well. With a beautiful look, it can be placed anywhere in a house or office.

Overview of Features

Whirlpool Water Cooler Reviews

With an elegant stainless steel look, Whirlpool Bottom loading Commercial water cooler uses 5th generation technology to cool down water till 40 degrees Fahrenheit. And with patent heating technology, one can get a hot cup of water to make a hot tea. The commercial grade water pump motor helps in pumping out the maximum amount of water from a bottle with decidedly fewer efforts and time. This even increases the life of the pump as it uses a fraction of its power. The toddler resistant lock-on switch makes it safe, and the Resource save Tm switch makes it energy efficient. The commercial grade thermostat and the compressor do not turn on frequently increasing their life. Industrial design and engineered faucets do not break in regular use.

How to Install /Use Whirlpool Water Cooler

To make installation easy for the end user, the Cooler ships in a ready to be in use condition, and is wholly assembled. Just unbox the Cooler, connect the plug-in electric switch, adjust the Bottom water Probe as per the size of the bottle and enjoy Hot/Cold water. But before using, do read the manual and guidelines to be followed so that it is safe and secure to use. Do remember to lock the child lock on the hot button and switch on the Resource save button when not in use.


Whirlpool Bottom loading Commercial water cooler is one of the best available in the market. If you are not satisfied with the product, there are many alternatives available in the market. With unique design, removable drip tray and non-spill top, it is one of the best selling models in the water cooler category. You can compare the two and as per the requirements, select the one which fulfills your requirement.

Final Verdict

In this Whirlpool water cooler review, all the features, specifications, pros and cons have been specified. The best part about this product is it is a full-featured pack water cooler. With a simple price tag, you get commercial grade motor and thermostat and 5th generation technology. But the most important part is whether it fulfills your demand and requirement or not. As per our conclusion, it is very suitable and durable for office and household purposes. But before investing, please do compare with others so that you happily buy the Whirlpool Bottom loading Commercial water cooler.

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