How to Clean a Water Cooler With Vinegar

How to Clean a Water Cooler With Vinegar

Do you want to know how to clean a primo water cooler? Do you want to know a few tips on how to clean the primo bottom load water cooler? If yes, then don’t worry as we have discussed a few useful tips on how to clean a water cooler with vinegar in no time. Ensure that your water cooler provides clean water to make certain that you clean it every at least once in two months.

You will find many ways to clean a water cooler, however, we suggest you opt for a natural way, such as vinegar to clean it as it is safer to use. Below we have mentioned a few steps on how to clean a water cooler with vinegar:

Ensure that you unplug the water cooler before you start cleaning it. Once the bottle of water is finished, remove it carefully. Pull out the lid and the baffle and once you do it, then add one cup of vinegar in a bucket of hot water.

If the water cooler has a guard, then don’t forget to remove it too. Wipe it with a clean cloth and the cleaning solution and rinse it thoroughly.

Make certain that you use a clean cotton cloth and wipe the inner part of the reservoir at least twice to ensure that it is cleaned properly.

The next step is to unscrew the taps and pour some cleaning solution. Use a cotton cloth to wipe the taps.

Ensure that you rinse the reservoir and pour at least three gallons of water and drain it out. Don’t forget to check it if it still tastes like vinegar. We suggest you fill the reservoir with water and taste it before you install it.

Once you follow all the above steps, then reinstall the baffle, install a clean new bottle and plug the water cooler.

Perform all the above steps to clean a water cooler and drink clean water. Before you head out to clean the water cooler, it is important to determine what cleaning solution you will use. You will find many cleaning solutions to disinfect the water cooler, but make sure you avoid using chemicals and opt for a natural way. You can choose vinegar as it is an effective and convenient way to kill the germs. Avoid using mild soaps as it can hamper the taste of the water.

How Many Times Should You Clean Your Water Cooler?

You must all be contemplating how often should you clean your water cooler, so let us find out. Cleaning the water cooler is crucial as it can affect your health if not cleaned on time. We highly recommend you clean at least once in every two to three months. This way, you will not only get clean water but also increase the operating life of the cooler. Cleaning the water cooler prevents it from the damage and helps it perform efficiently. Ensure that you clean it with a natural and safe cleaning solution and clean it by following a proper guideline.

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning A Water Cooler?

By cleaning the water cooler, more often, you will safeguard yourself from drinking contaminated water. Cleaning it regularly will help you maintain hygiene and you can drink clean water

Another benefit of cleaning a water cooler is to prevent from falling ill. Drinking contaminated water can cause illness, so it is important to drink only clean water.

How to Clean a Primo Water Cooler

Having clean water will help you stay hydrated, so avoid contaminating the water and clean it at regular intervals of time.

The above are a few benefits of cleaning the water cooler and shield you from drinking contaminated water. We hope after reading the blog, we have answered all your queries regarding how to clean a water cooler with vinegar and why it is essential to maintain the functioning of the water cooler.

The water coolers are a great way to drink fresh clean water, to ensure that you clean it regularly and maintain a safe environment for your loved ones. Maintaining a water cooler is convenient and you can keep it working without any hitch if you clean it properly. Ensure that you sanitize your water cooler and enjoy an endless supply of fresh water.

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