Know About How Does a Water Cooler Work?

How Does a Water Cooler Work

We all want fresh, clean water whether we are at home or at the office and the water cooler is the best way to get a fresh supply of water. Have you ever wondered how does a water cooler work? Or how does a water dispenser work? This blog will guide you on the pressure type water cooler working and the best water cooler dispenser.

Below we have broken down a few steps to enlighten you about how does a water cooler work?

  • The water cooler has a reservoir where the water is stored and it has a valve which prevents the water from outflowing the water cooler.
  • The water is cooled in a refrigerant and it is located near the reservoir in the cooler.
  • The compressor of the water cooler creates pressure in the pipes which enables the refrigerant to change from a liquid to a gas state.
  • If the refrigerant is in a gas state, it will circulate in the pipes and absorb the heat away. This way, the user will get fresh and cool water from the water cooler.
  • When the user dispenses water, then the water cooler will automatically refill the reservoir and this way, you can drink plenty of water.

The above are a few steps to indicate how does a water cooler work and supply you with fresh water. We have broken down the steps for you to understand how the cooler works and supply you with fresh water at any time of the day. The working of the water cooler depends on the type of cooler you are using, so if you have any further doubt then it is advisable that you refer to the manual.

How to Select the Right Water Cooler?

How to Select the Right Water Cooler

You will find a wide range of water cooler options in different sizes. It is essential to select a cooler, which suits your needs and budget. Every variant of the water cooler serves a different purpose; some are used as offices while some are used at homes. Before buying it check out the various options available in the market and only then buy the right one. We have mentioned a few different types of water coolers and their uses below:

  • Tabletops water coolers are mostly used in residential areas, so if you want it for your home or you have a small size office, then it is the right pick for you.
  • Mounted water coolers are basically used in outdoor areas, such as parks or if you are heading out outdoor somewhere.
  • The water dispenser is best for all those who want both cool and hot water options.

Water coolers are convenient to use and easy to maintain. Selecting a water cooler solely depends on the use and where do you want to use it. You can have an unlimited supply of fresh water, just ensure that you check out the various options available and choose wisely.

How to Maintain a Water Cooler?

Let’s see how we can maintain a water cooler as drinking clean water is essential. It is really important to maintain the cooler and avoid damaging it or hampering its functioning. If you want to keep getting an endless supply of fresh water, then clean it by using a natural cleaning solution at least once in two months. We have compiled a list of a few important
things you should consider:

  • Avoid lubricating the water cooler as it is sealed.
  • Make certain you check the wire grid, which is located at the back of the water cooler. Clean it with a clean cloth at least once every month.
  • Buy a water cooler with an auto-reset switch as it lasts longer.
  • Ensure that the water cooler has always water. Don’t forget to switch off if it is empty as it will put pressure on the cooler.
  • Do a regular inspection of the water cooler and check for leaks. You can call a professional to inspect the machine as you don’t want to damage it.
  • Clean the water cooler with vinegar or bleach at least once in every 8 weeks.
  • Do a visual inspection of the water cooler, more often.


The above are a few helpful things which you should consider if you want an unlimited supply of water from the water cooler. Maintaining the cooler is important so don’t neglect it as it can hinder its working. By maintaining the water cooler, you will also prevent yourself from drinking contaminated water and falling ill.

Now, after reading the blog, we hope you can easily explain the working of a water cooler and how it produces cold or hot water. We have discussed how a water cooler works and the different types of it. The process of how water dispenses out of the water cooler can be intriguing yet simple.


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