A Complete Guide to Buying a Water Cooler

How Much is a Water Cooler

Are you wondering what important factors to consider for the best water coolers or an affordable water cooler? Are you still thinking about how much is a water cooler? If it is a yes, then don’t worry and continue reading the blog as we have discussed what all factors you should consider while buying the best budget water cooler. Ensure that you understand the importance to consider a few essential things before heading out to buy the water cooler.

What Are The Different Types Of A Water Cooler?

  • Top Loading Bottle Water Cooler

Top loading bottled water cooler is the right pick for you if you want an affordable water cooler. It is easy to maintain and set-up this variant of a water cooler. The user can place a 5 gallon of a water bottle on the cooler and switch on the unit.

  • Bottom Loading Bottle Water Cooler

If you are short on space and want a bottle less cool, then Bottom Loading Bottle Water cooler is just perfect for you. You can place this water cooler in a cabinet instead of placing it on top of the water cooler.

  • Countertop Water Cooler

Best Budget Water Cooler

Are you short on space at home or your office? If yes, then go for the countertop water cooler. It is affordable and ideal for small spaces.

The above are the different types of water coolers, make sure you buy the right water cooler which suits your needs. Check out the various options available and buy wisely after comparing the different types of variants.

A Few Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Water Cooler

  • How Will You Use a Water Cooler?

Before venturing to buy the best water coolers, make sure you figure out how you plan to use it. How much water will you be consuming and how much water bottles will you use it? Once you, know it’s used, you will definitely pick the best water cooler for your home or office.

  • How Much Space Is Available?

Make certain that you check the space, where you be placing the water cooler, and buy accordingly. If you have a small space, then out the best options available for a short space.

  • How Much Is A Water Cooler?

It is essential that you consider your budget and needs and then buy a water cooler. The price of a water cooler can vary because of its features, size and physical appearance.

  • What Are the Features?

Ensure that you check the features of a water cooler and buy accordingly. If you want a cold and hot water feature, then check out for this specific feature if it is available in the cooler. Don’t forget to look out for the purification feature and how the filtration kit will function and its guarantee. Also, make sure to check for the cup holders as it is quite convenient.

Make sure that you consider all the above important factors before you head out to buy a water cooler. Apart from the above factors, do check if the drip tray is available in the cooler and the conversion kits as it is an important feature to dispense water. If you want to avoid accidental overflowing of water, and then make sure that you check the hot water faucet feature as it is very useful.

How Will You Maintain The Water Filters?

  • Change the Filters

Don’t be too lazy to avoid changing the filters as it is advisable to change it at a regular interval of time. You can the life expectancy of the water filter on the packaging or product’s description. You can also check it in the instruction manual and change it accordingly.

  • Change the Beads

If you are using a water softener, then ensure that you change the beads at regular intervals of time. Check the beads charging life on the instruction manual and change it accordingly. The beads are of no use, once the charge is over.

Ensure that you maintain the water filters as it will boost the operational life of the water cooler. We suggest you clean the water cooler with either bleach or vinegar and dispense tasty and healthy water. Don’t forget to read the instruction manual before setting up the water cooler and check out the various features of it. You can dispense unlimited water from the cooler and avoid getting dehydrated.

We hope after reading the blog, you know what all the important factors you should consider before heading out to buy a water cooler. It is important to consider a few things as it will help you the best water cooler available in the market. Check out the different types of water coolers available and weigh down its benefits and drawbacks and choose wisely. We suggest you compare at least two to three variants and check out the features of the water cooler.

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